Monday, 28 July 2014

2 Cool Augmented Reality Windows 8 Apps

The two apps I'll show you today are from Corinth

  1. Corinth Micro Engines Augmented (Download Here): 

Have you ever been interested in types of engines and how do they work? This ground-breaking 3D interactive educational app offers all the facts you are looking for - in a visually outstanding, easy-to-understand and fun package. 
Watch a video of how it works below:

2. Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented (Download Here)

Corinth Micro Anatomy Augmented provides the user the opportunity to better understand human anatomy through sharp visual, interactive, and augmented reality content. 

By allowing the user to layer different anatomy systems, he/she can grasp concepts and visually absorb how those systems work independently, and with one another.  

The use of augmented reality on this App provides an incredible user experience, making it a powerful learning resource for students and teachers alike. I recommend everyone, student or not, to try out this app. Here is the video below:

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