Saturday, 31 August 2013

Get free Nigerian books on your mobile phone - Okadabooks

Okadabooks allows anyone in Nigeria(for now), pay for books with mobile credit(most of the books are free anyway) instead of using credit cards which have not been widely adopted in the country yet. They have been able to get more that 7500 downloads in the first 2 months and are still only on the Android mobile platform! 

Saying I am Impressed would be an understatement. I get very excited at the slightest sense of progress in my beloved country, Nigeria. This is a very good app that will revolutionize the way we read and study, not only in Africa but world-wide. The user interface is very good and it's easy to use.

  • 90% of the books on the app are free
  • Secondary school students can get access to past WAEC and JAMB questions (I would've died for this during my time... *sigh). 
  • You can become an author and publish your own books.

Anyway, enough ranting from my ends. You can get the app on Google Play here

Watch an interview with the founder of Okadabooks, Mr. Ofili, below..

Nigeria's rejuvenating train services

Nigeria's train services have been abandoned for more than 20 years. The economy focused its resources on other sectors of the country neglecting the promising and once admired rail services. Nigeria has constantly been battered for the lack of good roads in the country causing accidents and loss of valuable lives that occur ever so often. There has never been a better time for the government to restore the Nigerian railway services.

I am an avid train-traveller and I love the serenity and safety train travel provides. Watching these videos below gave me a big sense of hope and optimism for Nigeria as this is the well-needed progress required for economic, cultural and infrastructural growth. Even though the services are not perfect yet, this was still a joy to watch.
Clip 1

Watch more videos below