Monday, 23 May 2011

Read It Later: Read webpages Offline

If you have so much to do, or you are just feeling lazy to read a biography, an article, or any webpage at all, Read it Later allows you to save webpages so you can 'Read It Later' offline. So, for some people in naija who have epileptic internet services and need to read as much as possible before it's too late, this will come in quite handy.

It is available on Blackberrys, Android phones, iPhone/iPods, All browsers(Firefox's is better)
Try it! It's free..   Read It Later

GBN Rating:★★★★

Find, Buy & Sell anything on DealFish Nigeria.

This is a very cool site. It's just like ebay.  You can search for products(new & old), events, courses, jobs... Any thing at all; as long as it is listed. You can post and sell your own product/services when you register or you could just window shop (It's actually fun). 

The site was launched months ago in Nigeria although it has been also launched earlier in other African countries. 

I really like the whole idea and the site itself. But make sure whoever you are dealing with is credible.
Check it out   DealFish

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1- "The iPad 2 killer?"

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the successor to the Samsung  Galaxy Tab, may be the worthy competitor to the Apple iPad2. I get excited when I see fierce competition. :D

I am an Apple fan-boy, but this might just change my mind.

This new tablet device, which will be released June 8th 2011(in the US), runs the Android 3.0 or 3.1. It is very responsive, very gorgeous, very thin and very light. Unlike the rest of the tablets out there, this seems to be of more quality and I am just excited about this product. Trust me, this will be big.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Google Skecthup - Create 3d Models for free(So Easy)

For those 3D fanatics, architecturally inclined and those who just love drawing, this is definitely for you. First of all, it is a Google product so expect intuitive quality, it's quite easy to use, especially when you follow these tutorials. And finally, it's free!. Don't you just love free stuff?  :)
You can design almost anything with it. From buildings to automobiles, to devices... the list goes on.

Just download and enjoy
Google Sketchup


Toe Mouse

Another cool gadget for the upper-limb disabled group.
Very Creative.