Monday, 30 December 2013

Making of John Lewis The Bear & The Hare Advert

Just amazing!

Monday, 23 December 2013

List of the tools & services used to build GOV.UK

I've always thought the GOV.UK site was well built aesthetically and even in it's robustness. After visiting a couple of other government sites I decided to find out what was used to build the site and what makes GOV.UK so amazing compared to the others.

I was well pleased to find out that there was a blog post on their website dedicated to the tools and services used to develop the site.

I've listed some of them here:

  • HTML/CSS/JS - using HTML5 where appropriate, with a heavy focus on accessibility, and validating where we can
  •  Jquery
  • SCSS
  • A2-Type for font production 

The core of the servers:
  • Infrastructure As A Service (basically, they don't host in-house servers. This will ease scaling and mitigate maintenance costs) from Skyscape
  • Akamai as the Content Delivery Network 
  • Servers run on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.04
  • nginx used for redirection
  • perl used to manage redirections  
  • node.js was used to build a side-by-side browser for reviewing redirections

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Yahoo! mail's new alternative to multiple tabs (Recent)

Like most people, I always thought Yahoo! mail's 'multi tab' feature was really cool and helpful. But since it's recent update, that feature seemed to have disappeared.

I stumbled on a new feautre that pretty much does the same thing.

Watch the 16seconds video below to see how:

Your recent activity in Yahoo Mail is there when you want it, but not in the way when you don't. Quickly get to your recent emails, search results, and drafts with a single click.