Tuesday, 7 June 2011

17 year old student sells Kidney for iPad....

A 17 year old student from China, wanted an iPad so much that he sold one of his kidneys.
Apparently, he made a deal with a broker online and then, an arrangement was made, his kidney was removed and he got paid 20,000 Yuan(approximately $3000).
When his mother saw the iPad 2 she was surprised that he had one; due to the high cost in China. She then discovered the horror story and notified the authorities of how it all transpired.


iPhone's announces BBM Competittor "iMessage".

A new service from Apple called iMessage, that is pretty much identical to RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger client has been announced at its World Wide Developers Confrence. iMessage will let you send and receive text messages, photos, and contacts from other iOS users. Group messaging and read/unread/typing notifications (which are staples of BBM) can also be found in iMessage.

This could be really bad for RIM(Blcakberry) as the Blackberry Messenger is a massive selling point for the Blackeberry phone. Let's see how it goes.
Go Apple!