Friday, 1 April 2016

Microsoft's amazing new app helps the blind see.

At the 2016 Microsoft Build event, Microsoft announced a lot of  cool technologies, but one particular announcement, really stood out and inspired me.

Saqib Shaikh, a visually impaired Software Developer at Microsoft, developed an app that identifies objects in the user's environment and it describes it back into the user's ear. The app uses a smartphone camera or a camera equipped glasses to see it's environment.

boy doing a trick on a skateboard
"I think it's a man jumping through the air doing a trick on a skateboard," the app says.

two people sitting and looking foward
"I see two faces: 40-year-old man with a beard looking surprised; 20-year-old woman looking happy."

The "Seeing AI App", is still in development, but looks really promising. Can't wait to see the finished product and to see how it will positively improve people's lives.

Enjoy the video below.