Thursday, 6 June 2013

Konga and Jumia, Nigeria's largest online stores

"Online Shopping in Nigeria is still a relatively new idea gently taking root. Several online shopping malls and eShopping sites have established themselves with their customers of recent, and some are already becoming household names. Jumia (which was of recent known as Kasuwa) and Konga are some of them. With the current CBN-led awareness campaign to integrate the cash-less policy in Nigeria, online shopping has been identified as the presumed biggest gainers should the scheme gain a foothold.

These two notable online stores (Jumia and Konga) have become prominent above all other players in this new segment. Their advertising campaigns on Facebook and other social media is literally off-the-hook. They have even taken a step further by using conventional media (radio and print) to gain more visibility.

They have new deals and packages almost everyday, and they have products in almost all relevant categories.  Now, while it might be easy to get lost in the sheer awesomeness of Jumia and Konga, sometimes, it is good to review both and determine which of them is actually better." - Techbrandreview

I have personally used Jumia, and I have to the say, the service was pretty good. The "payment on delivery service" has to be one of the most convenient services on the Nigerian market; in my opinion anyway. These online platforms have given Nigerians access to a lot of products that were somewhat far-fetched earlier on . I believe there is a strong future for these companies as long as the maintain their world-class services.

Just felt like giving a brief overview of the services. I think you should give them a try next time you go shopping ;-)

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  1. It is good to see that online stores are spreading throughout the globe.