Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hello food - Nigerian food delivery Service

Hello Food - Order food in Nigeria from 170 RESTAURANTS

Staying in the office for lunch? Tired of the same takeaways? Want to share a meal with your family at home? Do not hesitate anymore, it has never been so easy to order take-out food. At Hellofood we want to simplify your life. No more cooking or cleaning-up: with Hellofood, get your food delivered wherever you want, and enjoy a variety of cuisines and prices with just a few simple clicks.

On Hellofood type your city and your living area, and choose the meals and beverages you prefer on our online menus (local food, Chinese food, pizzas…). Checkout your order and enjoy different payment methods. We take care of everything else! We contact the restaurant, and make sure your order is delivered where you asked. Receive your sms of confirmation, sit back, relax and wait for piping hot food to be conveniently delivered to you!

Thanks to Hellofood discover great food every day, and enjoy steaming home food conveniently delivered to your home or office.   Visit Hello Food here>>

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  1. has made it easier than before to order food online. If you get a chance you should buy food online.