Friday, 22 January 2010

BumpTop Mac/PC

So I recently downloaded this application on my PC and its *thinking*........... okay. I just think it's a gimmick because it doesn't really make life any easier; it just makes it cooler. After the first few minutes of using it, I thought I would have to delete it immediately but I'm starting to enjoy it in a way. Anyway, enough about me.
BumbTop is an application that turns your regular old boring desktop into a 3d desktop-like thingy. You can organise your files and folders into piles, pin stuff on the wall, 'bump' stuff into each other and watch them get bumped. I like putting photos on the wall. It makes me feel as if I've got my own room on my own desktop-haha. I personally don't see the grand idea behind this but I guess its okay, as I'v said.

GBN Rating ★ ★

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