Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How do you answer 3 billion questions a day?

Ben Gomes  (Illustration: Sumit Kumar)


  • Google handles more than 100 billion searches each month or more than three billion per day.
  • Google has to crawl more than 20 billion pages a day to keep up with the ever-changing web.
  • Google has found 60 trillion web addresses so far, up from one trillion in 2008.
  • Google has indexed pages from over 230 million domains.
  • A query on Google travels 750 miles each way, to and from the data centre.- BBC

What do you do if you get more than three billion queries a day?
If you are Ben Gomes, Google's Tanzania-born, India-bred, US-educated vice-president of search, you are responsible for helping to answer all of them - in the shortest time possible, on all devices: desktops, tablets, phones. And now, in the spoken word too.
Search is Google's raison d'etre and cash cow, bringing in a bulk of its $50bn (£33bn) revenues last year. It is also, says Mr Gomes, "about having a continuous conversation with the user to find out what he wants". 

Read the rest of the interview he had with the BBC here.

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