Monday, 5 September 2011

Funky-Music Apps (Must have!)

  • The  first music app I'm going to briefly talk about is iAmBeatbox. This app is too cool. You can make sick beats with this thing just by moving the 'gems' around the grid. It's a lot of fun. Let this video demonstrate a little. 

  • Next, we have Songify. You are bound to have a good laugh with this one. All you have to do is talk into the app and it creates a song with what you said. This video is a little boring; but you'll get basic idea....

  • Then you have Shazam: For identifying songs that you probably don't know and want to find out.

  • iAmTpain..... Old app but still fun. This app adds auto-tune to your voice while you sing; just like the king of auto-tune himself, T-pain. (This app is not free   -__-  )

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